Tuesday, August 31, 2010

room 2

i don't have any real great before pictures. so i will just let Mason's new room speak for itself.
this little in between room (between our bedroom and what is now Henry's bedroom) has been a play room at one point and Campbell's room. Now, it is just Mason's room.

if Campbell had special drawings, then Mason needed one too :)

Mason's tea party.

i need to repaint her name, something a bit more girlie.

first impressions.

even though Campbell had just seen his new room, he was a bit confused with why Mason's stuff was in his room. He gets it now.

with so many wonderful things to look at and play with, this room keeps Mason very happy. And now we have a place for her girl friends to come and play!


Donna Nies said...

Oh My....so precious! To creative!
What a fantastic gift to the kids! Personalized rooms! Are Henry and Logan/Wilder next?

Brenda said...

Super cute...love the parasols!