Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my two cute kids

2 little ones, last Sunday, right before rushing out for church.

a funny new word

Campbell has the fun new word he likes to say, it's really 2 words, but he somehow has made them into one:
He started saying it last week.  I don't know where he picked it up, but now when he is eating food, he'll take a bite and say "so'licious".
in case you don't know- this is so delicious- combined into one word.
Its really stinkin' cute.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bed Transition- Finally!

A few days ago Campbell would not go down for a nap.  He was playing and pounding and goofing. Well, he was making more noise then usual.  So I decided to peek in on him.  
Imagine my surprise when I find my son standing on the dresser next to his crib, pulling the baskets off the shelves and throwing things onto the floor.  He looked at me and tried to climb back into the crib.
I just looked at him and said, "Well, we are all done with the crib".
So I got him out, and we took off his sheet and put a new sheet on the crib- Mason's sheet, for Mason's crib.
We then moved all his night night gear into his new big boy bed.
and I decided that we would try everything that night- cold turkey.
Well it went surprisingly well.  Mason was actually the hardest to transition.  She hated the big open space.  After sleeping in a small pack n play for the last year I don't think she understood what a mattress was.
Campbell did pretty well.  He woke up 3 times crying- because he had wiggled himself out of the bed and was one the floor.  But we made it through the night.  And we were kindly given a bed rail from Serena.
So its been 4 nights in the new beds.  And we are all pretty happy about it.  Campbell doesn't try to get out of his bed at all, Mason is still adjusting, but she is doing pretty well.
Tuesday morning, waiting for Mommy, reading a book
Campbell picked up some friends from the floor- including a new pillow.
Who wouldn't want to see this beautiful face first thing in the morning?

Always so happy to see her brother!

more to come

I promise to take new pictures of the kids tomorrow and let everyone know fun new stories... oh wait, its already tomorrow... well at least by the afternoon of today then!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeding Time

If you haven't heard, let me tell you.  Mason loves to eat.  Most of the time she can be found with an item of food curled up in her little fist.  And chances are if she doesn't have a piece of food, she is searching our house for food.  It doesn't help that her big brother likes to leave bowls of his snacks around the house for her to find.
However, she is particularly fond of bread. (but really, who isn't- well I guess Auntie Jess, who doesn't eat bread)  Lately she has become a bit of a picky eater.  Which is a tad frustrating, because getting Campbell to eat is so incredibly challenging.  I seriously don't know how he is so big.  Must be the milk.  Or something.  Perhaps he will just be built like my dad.

Anyhoo, when Mason finds something that she likes to eat- she will eat, and eat, and eat!
Campbell on the other had has only a few stand by favorites these days.  And none of them are worth bragging about (aka, mostly snacks- banana chips, raisins, yogurt covered pretzels, and cereal bars) but he will at least always eat some kind of fruit and eggs! But yeah, that's about it.  Oh well, they are growing.  No new measurements lately for Campbell, but at Mason's 1 year check up she was 28 1/2 inches long and 18 pounds- measurements taken in the buff :) 

snacking on a bagel- at least it's whole wheat

Enjoying "saturday" morning pancakes... not sure what day it was we were indulging.
don't touch my pancake!

Campbell with his pancakes. He likes them with powdered sugar, or what he used to refer to as "cheese"

And here is Campbell eating his favorite thing, "special treats".  He will bring them to me with a bowl all the time, and he will request a certain number.  Its usually 4. He hasn't branched out to bigger numbers... yet.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday NONA!

Campbell and Mason's Nona is having a birthday today!  Happy Birthday Nona! We wish we could be with you to wish you a happy day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beautiful Mason

I had to post these pictures of Mason in her brand new little dress and coat from her wonderful Aunt Ashley.  Mason looked absolutely adorable in this little outfit, and it was so much fun taking her to church and showing her off in such a great little dress.  Thanks Aunt Ashley!

Enjoying Our Unusual Sunny Weather

That's right! We have had some beautiful weather.  And Monday I had 3 little kids who really needed to have some way to exert their energy.  So even though our little back yard is currently blocked by our tree that split in half during the snow storm, the little ones were able to still play and run and climb over the tree.

Now unfortunately, I'm not sure if the pictures picked this up, but we had a few incredibly unwanted guests with us... that's right- the first little bit of sunshine and warmth brought out those horrid, dreaded beetles.  How do I know for sure? Oh, I brought one in to the house via my hair.  Yup.

Friday, January 9, 2009

One Cute Boy

Oh my sweet son.   When Campbell woke up this morning he kept grabbing mine and Sam's leg.  And know that it is almost midnight I can't remember exactly what he was saying when he grabbed it, but I think it was "I take this leg".  It was really cute.  He is just being so loving.  He is constantly giving me, Sam, and Mason big hugs, telling us that he loves us.
And today he really acknowledge Henry for the first time (Henry who is still in the womb).  We got all 3 of the kids little stuffed animals (one for each of the animal I have picked for them- Campbell is Giraffe, Mason is Elephant, and Henry is Lion).
I have Henry's Lion sitting on the kitchen counter, and this evening when I was getting dinner ready Campbell grabbed the lion and gave it a big hug and said:
"This is for Henry!"
then it was followed with,
"for Campbell?"
but he's getting it...slowly.
Then I told Campbell how lucky he was because he was going to have a brother and a sister.  And I told him that not everyone gets a brother and a sister.
And Sam goes, "well Henry does"

Our Newest Bookwork

The other day I was doing a little bit of cleaning and had left Mason playing in the living room.  I poked my head into check on her.  And this is what I found, our sweet little girl, happily trying to read a book- and trying to get into her own little comfy chair!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have You Heard Who Turned One?

That's right- my sweet tiny baby is no longer a baby... no more references to months... she is now 1 year old!  Well in the picture directly below she is actually 1 year 1 week and like 2 days old... but the rest of the pics are from her actual birthday.
Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl!

Mason Marie, 1 year old

Monday, January 5, 2009

Disappearing Pictures of Campbell

A warning to all- pictures of Campbell may be missing for awhile.  Not because of me- or my constant attempts to take pictures of him, but because Campbell has developed a slightly umm less than cute trait (I realize I use the word annoying a little too much).
When I bring the camera out, Campbell immediately stops whatever he is doing, and runs to the camera to "now see Campbell" on the viewfinder.  Well, this has resulted in 1) all blurry pictures of my son and 2) pictures that only contain part of his body.
He just really wants to see himself on the camera... and I really want to see him on the picture!
I guess I will just have to be a tad more sneaky with him!

"Lets Take a Break"

Why the title "Let's Take a Break"? Oh, because if you don't know- that's Campbell's new catch phrase.  I have no idea where he learned it.  I am trying to rack my brain of Veggie Tales, Curious George, and Sesame Street to see if any of those shows use the phrase.  I am guessing the culprit could be either Curious George- or our Wii.  After you have played Wii for awhile the screen will tell you that you can take a break by pressing a button. It doesn't say it out loud- you have to read it, so unless Sam or I have been saying it and Campbell has heard it, I don't know how he has picked it up.
But lately when I ask Campbell to either help me with something, eat his food, or well do anything, he responds with "Uh, let's take a break"
Saturday morning, getting him ready to go out to breakfast, I asked him to go get his shoes.  So naturally, he pulls every one's shoes out of the basket in search of his shoes.  I put his shoes on, and then say " Ok, now please go put all the shoes back".
Campbell looks at me.. "uh, Now Take a Break"
"No, Mommy said you need to put the shoes back"
Campbell: "Um, No, now we take a break"
A break from what? Since when did my son's life become so challenging?
And he says it all the time- when I'm doing dishes, he'll come over and say, "Now take a break"
If I'm working on the computer, he'll come up and "now take a break"
Its really cute...
And really annoying.
But I have to make note of it, so that when this little word habit is over, I won't forget it.  And so that in 10 years, I will remember how cute it was, and not how it can make me feel slightly frustrated at times.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Old November Shots...

Some new pics, taken back in November

Who doesn't love Mamma's quiche?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting the New Year Right

Happy New Year to all!
I am making no huge promises, but I am really hoping to start 2009 with better blogging abilities.  With that said, I need to remind myself that not every blog needs to be long, and that I am sure some would love to just see a few pictures at a time (you know without 3 and 5 month gaps in between- sheesh).
And it only took 3 days, but before January 1st was over I successfully organized my photo
 storage on the computer.  Granted, it was only pictures taken with our new camera, therefore pictures for only 2 months... but honestly, it was still over 5000 pictures....
So here are a couple... enjoy, and hopefully I will be posting again soon!