Monday, August 16, 2010

up north: day at the beach

putting our feet in the soft sand of seaside, or

starting our sand castle

the photographer of most of these pictures- at least the good ones that is!

wandering down the beach

steven, eric and my dad (pappy) hard at work

the kids may have wandered a bit

rolling in the sand

finally had to call campbell back

ahhh, sand

helping uncle steven dig "the hole"

dusting the sand castle

helping bury uncle eric

the finished sand castle

campbell walking on the sand

and mason walking on the sand

running on the sand

destroying the sand castle

uncle eric, still in the sand

great pic ash

venturing off to the ocean

she really loved being wet and dirty!


Valen and Carol said...

I love how it's always the "big" kids making the sandcastles. =) Looks like a lot of fun, I have good memories of being there with your family.

Ashley Hopper said...

So excited to see these Pictures! We had such a blast with you guys!