Monday, September 15, 2008

Gaining Pounds!

look at those chubby cheeks!

Yea! Mason gained some weight!!!!!!  Mason and I had a WIC appointment on Friday, and when we went in she was weighed and measured.  She had grown 1/2 an inch in length (sorry I don't remember how long, but I want to think it was 22 inches... she's a shorty!)  and she weighed in at 14 pounds!!!! Now at her last appointment she only weighted 12 1/4 pounds.  However, she had a on a pretty wet diaper we when got to the appointment, and mother of the year here only had Campbell's diapers in the diaper at WIC we recorded her at 13 3/4 pounds- a pound an a 1/2 gain! Yippee! 

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love babywearing! More specifically I love my SleepyWrap!  It is the best babywearing device out there.  And just look how happy Mason is while I use it.  My only hope is that I'll still be able to use this on the airplane (got my tickets yesterday, the kids and I are going to Oregon/Washington to visit my family!) and that my belly won't be too big and in the way by then.  Yikes.  We will see.  Hopefully it will all work out well on the plane.  Mason isn't always so content just sitting.... she prefers to stand.  So I am throwing all my eggs in hoping that my SleepyWrap gets to be used in flight!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Pictures and Updates

I know its been a horribly long time since I posted anything.  I'm done making excuses.  I will try and do my best, but I am also done making any promises.  But I do like to share.  And the more time I spend typing, the better medicine I believe writing is for the soul.
But to make up for my lousy blogging ability, I have posted several new blogs, so for those of you who don't really understand how the blog works, make sure you check out all my posts in September.  As for myself, who doesn't understand how this blog stuff works, I would post a link for the posts here, but I don't know how to yet!
September has come freakishly fast.  Friends have had babies, and jobs have started.  I am watching Ms. Piper this year, 3 days a week.  She has turned into such a sweet little gal, and Campbell enjoys his playmate... most days.
Most days, Campbell is struggling with sharing, and this makes me struggle with patience.  Everyday I worry that I wake up with a little less patience for him and his never ending whining and screaming out "mine!"  I know that all 2 year olds go through this, I just wish it would pass.  And nothing seems to get through to his little brain.
For those of you who don't know.  Campbell has renamed himself.  Campbell has decided that his name is Doby.  At first it started as his answer when I tried to get him to sound out his name.  Then he just started adapting it as his name.  Then he would get laughter when he called himself Doby.  Well, now he has decided that this is the best name ever.  And he refers to himself in the third person, as Doby.  Doby's toy.  Doby's food.  Doby's turn.  I have no idea where this came from.  He only watches Veggie Tales and Sesame Street, and there is no Doby there.  I am completely perplexed by this strange name.  And now others have started calling him Doby (which is not appreciated by the way).
Campbell also started saying  I love you.  August 12.  I remember the date because it was Sam's birthday, and when he was giving Sam a hug he said "I love you Dada" completely unprompted.  2 days later he announced that He loved his Mama as well.  It is truly one of the most wonderful things to hear come out of his mouth.  
He is reciting numbers all the way to 20 now (in a row...) and I have successfully heard his chant his ABC's all the way through as well... I'd like to thank Sesame Street for their wonderful influence on his desire for this, but I also know that he has such a strong desire for reading and asking questions.  Two things that I think will make home-schooling him a blast and a challenge, but more fun than anything.
He is also singing a little.  I teach a Sunday School class for his age, and basically the kids sit in these small little seats, and I hand out various toys and we sing songs.  So Campbell believes that Mommy should always be singing at home.  Which I do indulge him quite often.  But how many times can a gal sing "The Wheels on the Bus"? Apparently its rubbed off, he can now sing all the verses in order.  And if I don't go in order, he lets me know.
He is a lot of work, challenges my patience, but he is really still the sweetest boy in the world, and today when I was working on the computer he still wanted to crawl into my lap and be held and cuddled.  I do love him...

Sweet little Mason (by the way the outfit she is wearing directly above this picture was made by me!) is not exactly growing every day... at least not in size, but she is growing in what she does.  She has started sitting up, not excellent yet, but she is getting to it!  She is still crawling everywhere, and is started to realize that she wants to play with her brother.  She is still just such a mama's girl.  To the point where she just will not be happy in most people's arms if she can see me.
This morning I woke up with a terrible headache, and Mason woke up a little too early for my taste.  Sam was getting ready for work, so I had him just get her up and put her in the booster seat for some morning cheerios.  I got up about 10 minutes later.  Now usually in the morning Mason sees me immediately after waking up, usually to nurse and snuggle in bed.
As I walked through the hallway and Mason saw me she absolutely freaked out! She was banging both of her arms up and down frantically, hitting her booster tray and just laughing and banging. I had never seen anything quite like it.  And when it looked like I wasn't going to immediately pick her up she started to panic a little.
A Mama's Girl, what can I say?
She will still lay her little head down on my chest, pop her fingers in her mouth, and start to go to sleep, so I really can't complain to much.

As for Sam and I, not much to update on there.  Work is still going well for Sam, and no his store isn't closing.   I think we are both just really tired here.  The kids haven't been going out a lot lately, which means we haven't had a ton of alone time where we aren't completely wasted.  But I have huge plans for 10 or 12 years down the road.
We have another baby checkup in a few weeks.  We will most likely hear the baby's heartbeat and find out that I have yes, gained a ton of weight, in oh my only 4 weeks?  I am trying hard to be excited for this baby, I just still feel like so many things are changing, and so much is out of my control.  And gaining this weight is really depressing.  
But, I am trying to pray for patience and trying to remember that this baby is a blessing.  I still have weeks to get better about this... and truthfully I am getting slightly more excited.  And I am planning a trip up north to see my family, which makes me really excited.  My dad loves Halloween and I can't wait to let him take Campbell trick or treating.  And we get to be up there for my youngest brother's birthday, which will make him so happy.  And Seattle and Portland, I love these places.  And my sister, and my mom, and the rest of the family.  I can't wait to go!  
For those of you who can give an extra prayer time, Sam's brother is starting his second dose of chemo. He is being such a trooper and has such a great attitude.  This is still scary, and we are all feeling emotionally drained, and poor Levi is just drained.  So please pray!  
That's about all.  Its after 9 and I need to retire to the couch.  
I have 3 more blogs a coming:
Babywearing (my favorite thing)
Our trip to the Fair (so much fun!)
And Auntie Ashley and Uncle Steven come to visit! (We miss you guys!)

Guitars and Goofing Around

Everyone has a blast when Sam plays the guitar.  Campbell loves getting to have the free time to tickle his sister.  He is really into tickling just everyone right now.  Mason is very entertained watching her Dad play the guitar.  And if she is in a pleasant mood, she will be mesmerized for quite awhile!

Mr. Mischief

Baby Powder Banaza

This is just what every mom wants to wake up too, baby powder- everywhere!  After a fun night celebrating Aunt Jess birthday, and me getting fake wasted on Shirley Temples (oh man, could I get Sam to go get me one right now???) I went into Campbell's room to find him happily awake, and quite happy with what he had done.  I had some friends watch Campbell and Mason so I could go out with Jess (Sam had to work) and I forgot to tell them that at night we move our little basket of diaper supplies out of reach of the crib.  And seeing that I didn't, well move it when I checked on him, this was the outcome.  And yup, this isn't the first time this has happened.  And probably won't be the last.  At least he doesn't mess with the diaper creme!

Mason, my little food nut

Mason, The Eater!

Oh my, does Mason love to eat.  I didn't really plan on giving this little one food at 6 months (she's now 8 months old) instead my plan was to wait a bit longer.  However, just like Campbell, Mason has not been gaining weight in the way that would make my Dr. and WIC happy.  In fact she had lost weight on our last check-up, and then got red flagged at WIC. This is so frustrating for me, because I am well aware of how much she eats- she eats a TON! And she will eat anything I give her.  But at 8 months old, I still doubt that she has topped 13 pounds.  What can you do?  I still think I should be able to bring in pictures of my father and my brother-in law, they are both tall and so skinny, incapable of gaining weight.  Maybe Mason will be happy to have a wonderful metabolism? Or perhaps when she really starts eat dairy will her weight come on (dairy does it for her mama!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Was my last post really that long ago? I am terrible.

Campbell's response to how long it has been since his Mommy has blogged about how wonderful he is!

Ya, I'm terrible. How can it be that long? Or more importantly, how is it that hard to just go online and quickly upload some photos and type and few colorful comments about how life is going?
Mary sits at the computer, starts searching for pictures. Problem 1, I have terrible photo organization on the computer. The pictures are scattered everywhere, and then I have to check and see what I have already posted. And then see how long it has been, that the last photos posted where in, lets see May, and its July. So I try and find some pictures for June and July, cause yeah, its August on Friday.
So that takes about 10 ish minutes.
Then trying to upload. Comcast is not really that Comcastic for us. So it isn't as fast as we wish it were.
Then I try typing. Most of the time when I go to sit at the computer Campbell decides that is the greatest time for: 1) Book Reading 2) Mess Making 3) Meltdown.
And then there is Mason, who would really prefer it to be wherever anyone is, so it isn't good enough that she is surrounded by toys and playing happily, when she realizes that she is alone- all the fun stops.
And I don't type fast with one hand, and can't read well to Campbell while typing either.
But you know its been long, when your husband offers to update the blog.
So here are some random pictures from the last 2 months ish. I have way more, but I realized I should just try and get something up, for all to see.
What can I do, but try?
Oh, and yes, the word is spreading. I am pregnant. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. At first it was 90% not happy, 10% happy, and now it is evening out a little more. Maybe 50/50. An unplanned pregnancy is a little overwhelming.
Especially after you convince your heart that you are content with 2.
What was God thinking?

Yup, everything Mason finds, goes in her mouth. Everything. She ignores the toys, any tiny little crumb she finds on the floor she decides is the best treat in the world. This has prompted me to realize that we need a vacuum that will actually suck up dirt, not just blow the dirt out onto my legs. Hmmmm... We are gladly taking donations towards this worthy cause- The Team to Prevent Mason from Eating Floor Nasties.

Campbell is really all boy. He loves to play with his trucks and trains and cars. He pushes them around and everything. Wait, I may possibly have already blogged on this. Shoot. Wait, Don't say that (that's what Campbell would say to me) I mean, Oh My.
He is pretty cute with his trucks. His newest obsession though would be his little fishys. Little plastic fishes that he brings around from room to room. He loves them.

Yes, I know there have been more pics of Mason this time, but I am trying to stop the middle child crisis before it starts.

I have been trying to think of what fun story I could share, as it has been so long, and many things have happened.
One story, that I didn't witness, but I think is worth mentioning.
Campbell loves to pray. He reminds me and Sam to pray at every meal. And randomly throughout the day he will want to pray. He is a great reminder to his mother of keeping God constantly on my heart and in every action. Even though I still fail miserably.
While with his Nana (Donna, Sam's mom) he wanted to pray.
Nana: We Thank God for Papa
Campbell: Yes
Nana: We Thank God for Dada
Campbell: Yes
Nana: We Thank God for Mama
Campbell: Yes
Nana: We Thank God for baby Mason
Campbell: uh, No.

He really does love his little sister. He wants to know where she is at all times, and tonight at dinner while he ate his spaghetti and I fed Mason sweet potato, he started laughing at hitting the table. This of course made Mason start laughing, which only made Campbell want to make her laugh more. It was really cute and very funny.

No promises, but I hope to blog again soon.
Also, prayer would be lovely, for this new baby, that it be healthy and a wonderful addition to our growing family.
Also, as our family grows, we have more needs, but the biggest would be that the Lord would provide the perfect affordable house for our family.

Again, no promises. But hopefully not such a long gap!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Old May Pictures...

Again, life has gotten overwhelming around here. Maybe not overwhelming, but just crazy and busy. We seem to always have a pretty busy week ahead of us, but our lives are incredibly full, and God is as always Great!

Campbell is being amazing and adventurous. He is talking up a storm. I cannot believe the words that come out of his mouth, and I really have to be careful about what I say, as he is repeating EVERYTHING!

And not just repeating everything I say, but REPEATING everything, over and over and over.

He can now say all of his letters. And he can say them in order. Or more likely he will ask you to say them : Say A, Say B

In addition to letters he can now recite 1-10 and say (when prompted) 11-20. He is just absorbing so much.

He is still the sweetest little boy, coming up to me and rubbing my back, telling Mama , "its Ok" and watching him wait at the door for Dada, "Now see Dada?" And taking great care of Mason, any time she and I leave a room he is following us close behind with all of her toys. He is a great big brother.
Campbell, Sam, and Auntie Jessie, looking at bugs.

Mason and Auntie Jessie having fun!

Oh Giraffe

Now Cool? (I say Now, because Campbell attaches the word Now to everything he says!)
Ahh, My little Mason. At some times she is just like Campbell, and at other times completely different! But she is still so beautiful I can hardly believe it. She is now rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy. And starting to crawl. Its definitely not a traditional crawl, but she is making some ground. I love the way she starts kicking up her legs and smiles and coos every time she sees me or Sam or Campbell. She loves being held, and she loves being around us.

Mason and Me on our first Mother's Day

Mason, in her favorite position, trying to crawl by scooting and rolling!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Yea New Pictures!!!

Nona Comes to Visit!

The first weekend in May,
Sam climbed Mt. Shasta (and
made it to the top) So my mom
graciously came down from Portland
to help me with the 2 little ones.
She was a tremedous help, and Campbell
had such a wonderful time playing with her.
He still asks everyday where she is "Where's Nona"
The two of them became even closer buddies, as Campbell
requested No David! over and over again.
It was a great visit, and we anxiously await her coming down again... hint hint hint.

Campbell, opening his new Airport
from Nona and Pappy

Playing with his new airport.
I think he likes it!

The finished product,
after Nona put it together
all by herself!
What's up?

Such a pretty girl.
Mason and Nona


Now, Nona brought Campbell lots of toys for his birthday, including this crazy yellow bear that would blow bubbles. I was in the other room and could hear Campbell's squeals as Nona's pumped bubbles into his bath. It was hilarious!
Mason, our beautiful growing girl

Campbell, our handsome little man

Campbell likes to grab this
little computer printer
and walk to the front door,
mumbler something about
"keys" and turns to us
and says "okay Bye Dada,
Bye Mamma!
It is the cutest thing ever!

Campbell and Mason