Wednesday, September 1, 2010

we went to the fair.

and at the fair, we played with legos.

building a wall.

a lego helper helped mason build a little house.

which she inspected with while channeling her Papa.

then we went to the kids corner, and we colored.

and while no other kids where there, all 3 got to play in the tumble area (henry's favorite part of the fair trip)

and mason played with bubbles.

we ate (but no one needs pictures of me and sam salivating over job's daughters corn dogs) or the kids stealing our orange julius's.
we rounded up our trip by heading to see some animals.
campbell really wants a chicken.

i think mason would like one too.
we didn't stay very long, but we had a great time. mason really wanted to go on the huge rides- like the ring of fire. with her weak stomach not sure if she will ever be able to do that, and the outrageous prices at the fair for rides makes disneyland a cheaper option :) but i tried to subdue her requests by telling her she wasn't big enough.
she then proceeded to tell me every 10 mintues:
"i'm bigger now".

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