Monday, February 25, 2008

Mason Marie 8 weeks old

Mason is really the sweetest little baby, she rarely cries, sleeps great and just coos and coos at us.

In these pictures below, Mason is wearing a dress that my mom sent from Oregon, but not just any dress, one of the dresses that I wore when I was about this size. Mason looked just beautiful in it (but I'm not biased)

Campbell's new boots

Campbell loved his new boots, but he basically thought that they were toys. The idea of putting "giraffes" on his feet was a little overwhelming. However it was great fun watching him walk around with them- carrying them, that is. 2 of his favorite little toys right now are his Lion and his Bear (don't ask me why this combination, he has a bag full of 26 little animals, and apparently these two go together) so bear and lion got to ride in style- each in one of his little boots. Even the next day when he woke up (note the pajama boot pictures) Campbell grabbed the boots, and the Lion and the Bear.
Thanks to Nona and Pappy for my great new boots!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mason and Auntie Jess

February Pictures of Campbell and Mason

February 1, 2008 so sweet
Big brother loves to be
with his little sis

February 6, 2008

February 7,2008
Getting quite the
personality, and tummy time

Thank you Auntie Ashley
for my cool shirt!
February 12, almost 7 weeks


I think she looks like her momma

Say Giraffe!

First response to seeing his giraffe
Not quite sure about this thing...
ooh, nice
My nigh nigh makes it better.

Cuddling with Nona

Good friends now.