Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the kids.

trying to get a group shot.
getting closer,except for miss attitude there.

how cool are we?
here's mason, being absolutely goofy, rolling around in this box. she and campbell had a blast though.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

my baby.

i kinda love this kid, and can't imagine what my life (or our family) would be like without him.

hey people.
just how cute is he?
socks are for eating too.
so your saying there's a chance?
giving daddy a big smile.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ms. mason

and some shots of my sweet girl.

my little artist painting her pumpkin.
she just kinda likes aunt jessie.
moving rocks. not quite sure why, but she did it for about 30 minutes, shoveling rocks from one place and moving them to the little lawn mower.
my mason.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Campbell just loves getting in our big bed, especially when his baby brother is already there. He is such a sweet brother. He gets very close to his little brother and will often offer him his nigh nigh's (this is a fairly huge thing in our household) for comfort and warmth.
two brothers.
my sweet boys.
sister? yup, let's get sister.
ya, she was less than thrilled to be put in bed for a photo op with her brothers.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the return!

how terribly absent have i been? i don't have a ton of good excuses, other than 3 little kids, some sickness, Christmas things to be done, and the other many things that life brings on.
so, i am just going to post some pictures, and hope to get back on track!

some shots of my energetic first-born!

what's better than just lying around on the floor?
pancakes! he loves putting his apron on.
playing with magnets.
such a handsome boy!
posing with Mama for a picture.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

hi guys.

getting things (pictures, toys, and mess) sorted around here...so blogging should be picking up again soon!
so for now, just relax (blanket and fingers are optional)!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

sad bloggin' news.

my computer is suffering from "running better than ever-itis" courtesy of the all new Windows 7. Right now it is running in "paperweight mode". Very, very frustrating.
So, until this problem is fixed i won't be able to blog with any pictures for all of you, as all of my pictures are on my laptop, and seeing that right now when i turn my computer on it immediately crashes.
It's very frustrating.
So until the Windows 7 disc arrives (because apparently the simple "download" was corrupt) I won't be blogging.
It's all very ironic- seeing that I'm writing this all to you via a Mac.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


could these 2 be related?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009


i sat down to actually write about what these 3 have been up to- and now i sit with writers block!
i am watching the 3 of them watch a movie. it's definitely been a day of more TV, because little Mason is sick with a cold, poor thing is burning up, red cheeks and leaking from her nose. But even sick, she still has a smile on her face for her baby brother as he crawls towards her feet and tries to suck on them.

My baby is crawling! He still isn't up on all 4's, but he is using his upper body and dragging his lower body behind him. It's so funny, because sometimes his little bum gets up high and he kinda flips himself over. Over the last couple of days I will be doing something and turn and Henry has suddenly moved to being inches away from me.
He is still the sweetest baby. Wherever we go, people continue to comment on just how happy he is. In our church nursery he has quite a following.
We haven't started him on any solids yet, he seems like a nice chubby size to me (not huge by any means) so we'll wait until it seems he wants it a little more. At this age Mason was lunging towards anyone with food. And Henry doesn't quite do that yet.
He still hasn't cut any teeth through his little gums, but he is trying really hard. Putting everything in his mouth and biting down hard.
And blowing spit bubbles! He has found his little voice and his tongue and discovered that he can both spit and speak.
I want to be able to use this blog as a way to remember these things for myself, and i just can't seem to stress enough just how sweet and loving this little boy is already.


Or as I call her: Trouble.
No, in all seriousness this little girl is quite the mix of both me and Sam. She isn't nearly as Type A as me and her big brother (and her Auntie Jessie) but instead she is my perfect little helper. When baby brother cries- she finds a binky and then she searches out his nigh nigh's and makes sure he is all set up. I've seen her do things like this with other kids. The last time her friend Ellia was over and Ellia was fussing, Mason found Ellia's binky, Ellia's drink cup and Ellia's
little nigh nigh's.
Quite the hostess- making sure her guests are happy.
She's started playing too! We have the Dad and son from the Incredibles (which Mason hasn't seen- soon to be rectified) and Mason walks around with them, calls them "Dada and Brudder" and holds them close to her, talks to them- has them to talk to each other. Sets them up in a line, and really, really plays with them- having them both bang into each other (telling them no) and having them kiss each other.
i love it.
and I love her. she's really starting to talk so much more, and bless her heart, she rambles off nonsense words to you at rapid speed- really believing you understand what she is saying.
Although she does have one new word that is quite clear:
usually followed by : Mine brudder. Mine baby.
I recently got a new baby carrying device: a Boba. I was so fortunate that the company gave me one for free when I asked them for one...
Anyways, I popped Mason into it as soon as it arrived, and my little girl remembered her baby wearing days immediately, as she nestled her head into my chest and put her fingers in her mouth.
And then immediately started screaming when I took her out.
Both Sam and i took a turn wearing her, and i am so excited for this new way to travel around with her (and as soon as i take pictures- you will see them!)
Mason's other big new news is that she at night when we put her to bed she politely requests "books". She doesn't mind going down at all, as long as she has a few good books to keep her company.
Another reader!

Our 3 1/2 year old. He keeps getting smarter everyday. Today we all went on a drive searching for trees with the changing colors. Once he caught on to what we were pointing out to him, every time he saw a beautiful orange and red tree he would shout out "i see colors!". we would have absolute silence in the van, then "i see color!".
He and I are currently working on "at" "ot" "ad" and "om" sounds and words. And he is blowing my mind. I hope to upload a video of him saying this wonderful poem that he and I have memorized.
He really does love seeing his friends at Preschool, but he is still struggling to settle down and follow directions in the big group, he does such a great job with me and learning so i know that it is just going to be a learning adjustment to follow instruction and obey his Sunday School teachers and such.
Campbell is currently obsessed with "fall" as I am teaching him about this fun new season.
Still on the top of his loves are his trains. He just loves playing with them and moving them all over the house. Curious George is his favorite to watch. And if anyone is needing Christmas ideas, did you know you can buy the Curious George PBS episodes on DVD? they have them 8 to a dvd, and i think you can get them at Amazon.... i'm just saying....
Campbell's love for his brother and sister still amaze me. He isn't perfect by any means (but none of us are) but he was made to be a big brother.
Campbell really loves to laugh, and he's laughing right now.


my 3 little ones.

jam session 1

please try and ignore my seriously messy face.

Monday, October 12, 2009

hey guys.

my mom hasn't forgotten about all of you wonderful blog people who want to hear more about me and sister and baby brother. she's just sometimes, kind of busy. especially when i need her to build me an awesome island of sodor like this.

my mom will try and resume consistent blog posting again soon.
- Campbell.