Friday, June 13, 2008

Old May Pictures...

Again, life has gotten overwhelming around here. Maybe not overwhelming, but just crazy and busy. We seem to always have a pretty busy week ahead of us, but our lives are incredibly full, and God is as always Great!

Campbell is being amazing and adventurous. He is talking up a storm. I cannot believe the words that come out of his mouth, and I really have to be careful about what I say, as he is repeating EVERYTHING!

And not just repeating everything I say, but REPEATING everything, over and over and over.

He can now say all of his letters. And he can say them in order. Or more likely he will ask you to say them : Say A, Say B

In addition to letters he can now recite 1-10 and say (when prompted) 11-20. He is just absorbing so much.

He is still the sweetest little boy, coming up to me and rubbing my back, telling Mama , "its Ok" and watching him wait at the door for Dada, "Now see Dada?" And taking great care of Mason, any time she and I leave a room he is following us close behind with all of her toys. He is a great big brother.
Campbell, Sam, and Auntie Jessie, looking at bugs.

Mason and Auntie Jessie having fun!

Oh Giraffe

Now Cool? (I say Now, because Campbell attaches the word Now to everything he says!)
Ahh, My little Mason. At some times she is just like Campbell, and at other times completely different! But she is still so beautiful I can hardly believe it. She is now rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy. And starting to crawl. Its definitely not a traditional crawl, but she is making some ground. I love the way she starts kicking up her legs and smiles and coos every time she sees me or Sam or Campbell. She loves being held, and she loves being around us.

Mason and Me on our first Mother's Day

Mason, in her favorite position, trying to crawl by scooting and rolling!