Monday, August 23, 2010

swim time!

so Campbell and Mason are sort of in love with the pool at Nana and Papa's house. I can't blame them, in fact i've joined in a time or two myself. It's really only Henry who is absolutely intimidated by this massive pool. He loves water, and will play in his little plastic wading pools for hours on ends, but this pool he wants nothing to do with.
which is really fine, because sometimes the playing in here gets a bit rough. But Mason and Campbell are both happily entertained by the pool, and its a wonderful way to stay cool in the summer heat.
the only real problem we have is keeping the kids from racing back and forth between the pool and the sandbox. we are usually quite unsuccessful.

i'd have to think that if there was in in-ground pool, with a fence, we'd have better luck with the pool and sandbox. and it would be bigger..... i'm just saying (hint hint Papa) that a pool is a lot of fun, and it would be less grass to mow in your back yard.....

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