Tuesday, August 17, 2010

up north part 3: more fun in seaside

our wonderful 2 week vacation continues.... there are actually pictures of henry in here too- our first beach experience he was napping.

cool trains outside of Camp 18 (sorry Ash, i think that's the name) a great breakfast stop

Mason being goofy with Uncle Steven

all of us dining

exploring outside the breakfast stop

rock throwing

this girl has my blood flowing through her alright, she may get extremely carsick but she LOVES going on rides (in fact, at the fair is this week she was pointing out the death defying rides, begging to go on them)

Nona went exploring down the beach, and caught crabs. Yup, with her bare hands.

we headed out to the beach on one of the nice days (it rained a lot while we were there)

Mason, running to catch up

i remember Campbell's first time on sand (he hated it and screamed) and Mason's first time on the beach (an equal distaste and much screaming)

but Henry couldn't get enough of it. He was in heaven.

getting ready to fly a kite

watching the action

Campbell was so excited!

so eager to help!

Campbell and Pappy flying a kite

Campbell must of have flown his kite for more than 30 minutes, his interest never wavered.

Mason and her Uncle Paul strolling on the beach

Henry wandered up and down from person to person, loving every second.

and then of course, the fun of rolling in the sand with one's big sis.

close up shot.

Mason with her big beach find.

Henry and Pappy visit the ocean.

Mason and Pappy venturing to the ocean.

my beach girl.

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