Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my dad.

Campbell's new train room. i do hope that at some point we begin to call this his bedroom, but for the immediate future, it will be known as "his train room".
our home improvements continue, and Sam and his dad (Paul/Papa) were great and gave me an extra room for one of our children. once the room was built, i called in my dad (Michael/Pappy) to come and turn it into something fantastic.
So.... enjoy the pictures. And when you can, come and see for yourself.
Before: train zone.

waiting for Pappy to start

helping Pappy clean.

the creation begins!

the finished product!!!!!!!!!

the artist.

love you dad!

do you see the clouds on the ceiling?

a waterfall and lake for the trains to go over.

the giraffes

Campbell's first impressions:

all of these trains were spaced apart, Campbell had to move them all together.

Henry was pretty excited too.

Campbell was so excited by his new room, but the excitement didn't cloud his track making skills. He had to immediately change the bridge Pappy made because it wasn't right.

Campbell slept in his new room the very first night. He was so excited, and has since been building new tracks and having fun,fun,fun in this very special room.
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much to my dad for working non-stop for 3 days (not just for this room, but for 2 other rooms that I will show later- hopefully tonight!) and for all his merry helpers (my mom, Ashley, and Steven).
This room is just what I had hoped for!


Valen and Carol said...

Wonderful!! Mike you have not lost your touch! =)

Valen and Carol said...

Wonderful!! Mike you have not lost your touch! =)

Serena said...

That is literally jaw-droppingly awesome! Your dad rocks! I'm coming up to see it in person as soon as I can!!!!!

Steve, Karen, and Delaney Dunlap said...

What a blessing it is to have family members to share in the joy of home improvement! Believe me, I know all about it! Not only is the room amazing, but I'm sure it will make Campbell feel like a very loved, special little guy for a long time to come.

sothisislife said...

I'm amazed! What a great room! YOur dad is so rocking creative! I can't wait to see all the work/fun/love your family is doing. YOu've got some creativity on both sides....your kids are amazing! Can't wait to meet Baby Nies #4!

Jana said...

The room looks GREAT! I love how excited Campbell is!! Yeah for family!!!!

Donna Nies said...

Seriously! He could have a new career...I wish he was my dad...my house could definitely use his touch! How much does he charge!