Friday, August 27, 2010

this is it

early this morning i'll be attempting some home remedies to induce labor to welcome our new little baby. so this is it. we will be moving from a family of 5 to a family of 6.
over the last couple of days Campbell has really been asking more questions about the new baby in my tummy. he wants to know if the baby is kicking, and how the baby is coming out (my belly button is the answer he will accept). he is a wonderful big brother to Mason and Henry, and i know that when we bring home number 4 that he will be as helpful and loving as he has already been.

this sweet boy started me out in the land of being a mommy, and every day with him is a challenge and a blessing. he says things that still make me laugh, he's incredibly smart, and still wants to snuggle up to me all the time.
and then, there's trouble. i mean, she is beautiful, funny, and wants to be the little mommy, but she's got a bit of a pistol side to her that makes my days a tad full. the terrible 2's haven't been lost to her. but when she is being good, she is great. she's been walking around with her little babies, and she calls Henry "her baby", i know that when we bring home her new sibling that she is going to be in heaven. absolute heaven.
Mason cracks us up all the time. just a couple of days ago, she was in the back seat with Campbell and Campbell had lost a little bouncy ball:
Campbell "oh no, where's my ball?"
Mason: "i ate it! it's in my tummy!"
Campbell: "noooooo! you can't eat that, its not good."
Mason: "ummmmmm, TASTY!" (and then she proceeded to smack her lips)
yup. quite the pistol. the little mommy, the helper, the sweetness.
my baby. after today, i won't be technically able to say that. he truly has been the greatest baby. moments after he was put in my arms i knew i wanted to have more babies. he was always quiet and calm and happy as a little baby. i've just been in love with him from the first time i saw him, and i am a bit worried for his adjusting to this new baby.
because lately he's been a little less sweet and calm, and little more rough and tumbling. he's climbing on EVERYTHING and tends to throw a lot of things, and since he isn't talking well yet he just wants to yell when he doesn't get his way.
remember this little on in your prayers, because he has accepted the role as "baby" quite well, and i know that eventually he will love his new sibling, but it will be challenging.

so, if you see this today, keep us in your prayers, and then keep your eyes on facebook. hopefully we will be meeting our new blessing today!


Steve, Karen, and Delaney Dunlap said...

Pray for you, thinking about you, cheering for you!

Brenda said...

I was on call today to watch her kids so Anna could come and be with you...I guess Wilder/Logan is still cozy inside since I never got the call. Someday soon...I loved being the Mama to four and know you will too.