Thursday, September 2, 2010

when my sis came in early august.

can't remember if i mentioned how my truly awesome sister surprised me and came down for my baby party, and then stayed 2 extra days and cleaned my whole house.
it was awesome.
she left on sam's 30th birthday, and she took all the pressure off of me, and made cupcakes (delicious cupcakes) with the kids.

mason was very excited, and we learned that mason cannot be left alone if there are cupcakes remotely in the vicinity, we lost several to her mischievous fingers.

campbell emptied that whole sprinkler container on one batch of cupcakes, but they did look cool.

overseeing the magic.

baking is so much fun.

my beautiful sis!

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Becki said...

i love that beautiful sister of yours!! glad you guys got to have some time together