Monday, September 27, 2010


before you go through this pictures and ooh and ahh over how beautiful these guys are (cause, come on, they are) i want you to know that i am well aware of the fact that i have 4 children. 4. not 3. and just because only 3 are viewed in these pictures, doesn't mean i love the missing child any less. it just means, he didn't have any desire to have his photo taken.
henry, i love you.
now, enjoy.

she is such a ham.
they really do love this baby.
where's wilder?

ooh, will we have another finger sucker? and not a child obsessed with having his binky in upside down?
such the momma.
quite possibly my favorite picture of campbell, ever.
the other night while nursing wilder, campbell told me he wanted another baby. another baby brother. who he would name "boobie" (he said this with a straight face). mason then looks at me, lifts up her shirt, points to her belly and says, "i have boobie in my tummy right now".
yup. anatomy is not something we cover right now in home-schooling.


Jessie said...

I love the last comment about the new boobie - I mean baby. Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha!!! It's times like these that I'm reminded just how much I love these guys!

erin dunham said...

Can't wait to meet Wilder! He is adorable, and looks like his older siblings are taking great care of him. That picture of Campbell and Wilder IS very adorable...
Hope the house is coming along, hope the migraines are gone, and hope you are all well! miss you, ~cuz erin