Tuesday, September 14, 2010


it's been awhile since i posted here. i guess i can use the excuse of having a new baby :)
all in all, adjusting is going well. however, i have yet to be alone with all 4 children by myself. that won't technically happen until Saturday (unless any Nana and Papa's want to steal away a couple of the older ones) and i am a bit terrified at that thought. simply because mornings here can be slightly chaotic, and i have had the luxury of sleeping in while Sam's been off, and when my sister has been here helping.
so other than my fear of actually having to start my life as a mother of 4, the rest of the family is doing well. Wilder sleeps. And sleeps. and then, oh yes, he sleeps. Henry is incredibly interested in helping with Wilder. he wants to bring Wilder his binky (and hit him in the head with it) and he loves to throw diapers away. if Wilder is crying (which is a rare thing so far) Henry is right there to offer suggestions.
Mason is in love with the baby. she gets very excited when he comes into the room, she is always asking about him and she is a very involved big sister.
Campbell is happy too, having a new baby. But the thrill isn't as big for him. I mean, this is his 3rd sibling, the excitement is worn off. however, he too wants to know what is going on with Wilder, and wants to help.
Sam's been back at work for a couple of days, and he's doing his best to survive on limited sleep, although Wilder sleeps well at night, so Sam's getting some rest. He's being incredibly helpful with the older 3 kids. Not that he isn't helpful with Wilder, but i don't exactly offer up my beautiful newborn to be held for long.
And that's what i've been doing, holding my wonderful new baby. Helping him learn to nurse- and now he is an amazing nurser, his latch is great, its just keeping him awake to nurse!
God's blessings are amazing.
even though i haven't been posting, i have been taking pictures, lots of pictures.
so, let me share some with you.

little momma

sleeping, not sure if any pictures of him show his eyes just yet....

wait- there's his eyes! he has a big brother to see.

all my boys.

so handsome.

the baby doll in the far corner was happily brought to Wilder by Henry, although I am not sure why.

oh my, he is a beautiful baby!


Brenda said...

Keep up the good work, Mama...everybody looks happy and healthy. You will be fine on your own!

Becki said...

you make B.E.A.U.tiful babies!! and why is it that you look SO AMAZING!?! you're one hot mama, keep up the good work.

Jessie said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait to get my smooches in! He's perfect - so cute, so handsome! I love him!

Madeleine said...

So stinking cute! Can I come visit soon? I love the shot of all the boys.