Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and another room.

with everything being shifted around and new rooms created, it left a pretty big gaping hole in what used to be Henry and Mason's room.
so while my dad worked hard to finish up Mason's room, I fiddled around in what is now Henry's bedroom.

seeing that this bed is pretty much AWFUL to take a part and put back together, we decided to leave it up, with the idea that Henry, who cannot stop climbing, will most likely be sleeping in it (its a top bunk, but really low to the floor) and the new baby, regardless of gender will be sleeping in the crib in this room within the next 6 months (which is probably when the new baby will finally decide to arrive)

but for now, the space under the bed- which was where Mason's little bed used to be- needed to be filled, and what better than a special little toy and book nook for Henry?

he loves it.

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Brenda said...

Just right for now and for later, too...good job, Mary!