Sunday, September 19, 2010

we have a sandbox.

and i have a ton more sanity.

Sam and Paul (Papa) took a couple hours (last Sunday? oh wait, these photos are date stamped.... 2 Sundays ago) and built us a wonderful sandbox right outside our front door. It's fantastic because I can keep our front door open and hear the kids playing (and yes, sometimes bickering, which involves quick interference) and having a grand busy time.

i mean, come on, look at these happy faces.
ok, so she's not so happy. but she isn't in the sandbox.

no one likes the sandbox as much as Henry. no one. he is in it ALL DAY LONG.
ok, not that long. but he gravitates towards it like sand is going out of style.
or like the sand was actually candy.
sure, we have been dealing with a tad more sand inside. and the occasional grinding sound on our coffee table as we pull our laptops across sand (its an awful noise and i have no idea how the sand makes it way on top of the coffee table), and there is a bit more sand in our children's hair (ok, its a ton of sand, they literally fill buckets and dump them on top of themselves).
but i don't care. they are outside, and they are happy.
as am i.


Valen and Carol said...

On Extreme Home Makeover, they did one child's bedroom with a sandbox right in the room. All the moms I know went...sand everywhere!! But my kids loved their sandbox, and I think you probably played there once or twice!

Becki said...

my father-in-law insisted of making my boys a sandbox last year...i wasn't too sure about it at first. but the kids love it. solly is 7 and still plays in it & its the only thing that moses will do for long periods of time by himself (besides getting into toruble)

p.s. you're pictures are so cute!!