Wednesday, April 22, 2009

still sweet.

Campbell has been having a rough couple of weeks.  He's definitely switched from my super sweet child, to now a 3 year old.
His little mouth has been so hard for me.  He's started really mouthing off to me and Sam.  Shouting orders, and shouting at us, disagreeing with whatever we are asking him
It has been a long couple of weeks with a lot of discipline, and needing a lot of patience.
He is still sweet at heart.
and he showed me that today.
I was planning a baby shower for a dear friend today with 2 other great friends.  Between us we had 5 awake children, and one sleeping child (and we were still missing 2 children!)
Well, as my friend Becky was loading up one of her 3 kids, one of her babies crawled to the door and started to cry for his momma.
well Campbell rushed to the little baby and says:
"Its ok little guy, its okay"
He also told Henry that later in the evening.  When Henry cried, "its ok Henry, its ok".
So even when his heart is battling his will with momma and dad, he still has the sweetness in his heart towards others.
And it gives me hope and perseverance!
I do love that little guy.

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