Saturday, April 4, 2009

my two babies.

yup, i have 2 babies.  still can't believe they are only 15 months apart.  mason just loves her little brother.  whenever he is in the baby chair she can't help but come over and give him kisses.  i was really nervous about how she would do adapting to her new little brother, but she has been doing great!  such a proud big sister!


Horatio said...

Mary, he is adorable!! What perfect little features..I still can't believe you have three kids..and soon that will be me..I'm so glad we got to talk the other day, and that you are doing well..Love to all of you guys..-Vera-

Donna Nies said...

Campbell and Mason love Henry the same way you have demonstrated love to them! It's one of the ways you know you have communicated love to them...they are passing it on! Good Job!