Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hunting Eggs

This morning the sun finally came out and we are able to go as our little family out to the Smith's Vineyard for a wonderful Easter egg hunt.
It was such a wonderful time.  Especially because so many (well man actually most) of the young families that bless our lives were there.  Watching all of our children running in knee high grass searching for eggs together gives me such joy.
And of course watching my own little children wandering and waddling around makes me quite happy too.
Mason opening her eggs.

relaxing on the wet grass.

breaking into his candy a little early
Campbell's favorite thing- picking apart paper
the only 2 eggs she found.... cause she doesn't really like walking in grass.
our sweet little girl.
playing on the tractor bed.

getting ready to find eggs!
ready for nap time.

the end of the morning... tired girl.

and no we don't have any pictures on Henry- he was there, happy and warm in my sleepy wrap- sleeping himself!

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