Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Birthday Boy

We celebrated Campbell's birthday as a family on his birthday.
Us: "Campbell when's your birthday?"
Campbell: "April FOOLS Day!"
Next year we will work on him saying April 1st.
We had a really great day, Campbell awoke to his birthday balloons.  We have had birthday balloons every year for him.  He loves them.
When he came out of his room and saw them he cried, "OOh- balloons! For a Birthday Party!"

How old is Campbell?

our beautiful party table sans guests

and with guests.

cookie monster cupcakes

Campbell sang loudly along with all of us.
He knew exactly what to do!

To everyone who made this birthday party so special- thank you!  It was a wonderful day and Campbell has been tearing into his birthday presents all evening long.

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