Tuesday, April 28, 2009

he's not a little baby anymore.

my boy is growing up.  and it hit me today just how grown up he has become.
a couple of conversations between Campbell and myself:

before bed time Campbell had crawled into my bed with his blanket.  I asked him to get come out of my room and come help me clean up his room.  
Campbell: "ok, I have to get my trains first".
Me: "ok"
Campbell comes running into his room.
Campbell:" the trains were going nigh nigh on the red pillow"
Me: "oh really"
Campbell: "oh yes"

then later that night, Campbell was sitting behind our couch in his little reading nook, and I heard him reading "The Little Engine that Could".   I haven't be able to read to him very much lately, between nursing a new baby and Campbell just being a little uninterested in me reading to him.  So when he came back from around the couch this was our conversation:
Me: "Campbell, do you want mommy to read to you?"
Campbell: "Um, maybe later."
Me: "Really? I'll read "the Little Engine that Could?"
Campbell: "I just read that."

so yeah.  my little boy is to big for his momma to read a book to him.  He can do it.

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Ashley Hopper said...

Oh that's a little sad but also exciting how big he is getting!