Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday my sweet little boy.
Campbell Paul, April 1, 2006

You arrived in the middle of the night after a long day of waiting for you to come.  Labor wasn’t necessarily hard, but it was long, and my nerves were on edge waiting to meet you.

And then you were here.  Beautiful and huge.  I remember holding you in my arms and watching you mess with your tongue.  Your Dad and I were in love instantly.

And you quickly started to grow.

Your first year was just wonderful.  Watching all the new things you did, cuddling with you and getting to be your mom. 

I remember the first little game you played with us-you would look up at us when you were on your tummy and then bury your head into the carpet- then do it again.

I remember you learning to roll- you literally rolled around our entire table one night when we were playing cards with friends.

You started crawling by chasing after empty plastic water bottles on the floor.  And you didn’t get up on your arms for awhile- you would just simply army crawl everywhere.

You grew so much- so tall.

Your smiling face, your big huge grin and your wonderful little laugh.  That first year just went way to fast.


And then you were one.

Walking around- the running around.  You wanted to explore everything.

So we explored the world together.

You went to Momma’s favorite place: Disneyland.  You didn’t cry on any ride- not even Pirates.  Momma’s little thrill seeker.

You experienced dirt! We took you camping.  I’ll never forget watching you find your very first stick.  You walked around with this face that bore the hugest smile, like a whole brand new world had been given to you.

Your first real word was “giraffe” and you used that word to describe any large animal.  When we went to Yosemite you would see the deer running around and called them “giraffes”.

You met your baby sister during this year, and you were great to her from the get go.

Putting you to bed at night was always fun, we would tell you “I love you” and you would say “FA FA Momma, FA FA Giraffe”, I still don’t know what that meant.  But it was so sweet, and you did it every night.

And then somehow out of nowhere you turned 2.

This year with you has been unbelievable.  I can’t believe how much you have changed, how grown up you have become. 

It started with being able to point out all your letters, and then slowly you learned your alphabet song.

And then more songs.  Today I am not quite sure there is a song you don’t know and don’t want to know.  Listening to you sing along to your guitar is sweet music to my ears.  Listening to you try and hit high notes cracks me up.

And books.  Oh my books.  All you want to do is read.  And we have read every book in this house so many many times.  You never get bored of your books.

And running and jumping.

And falling.  I’m sorry son, but you are the clumsiest child I have ever seen.  I’ve spent the last 6 months watching you fall and hearing you say “I’m ok”.

I remember the first time you said “I love you”, it was to your Dad and it was on his birthday.  After that you didn’t stop saying it, and you haven’t yet.

When dad and I ask you “what do you think?” you respond, “I think I love you”.

And you have lately “want to tell you something” only to have really nothing to say.

Your love for the outdoors has grown.  You are much happier outside.

You are a fantastic big brother, and before your 3rd birthday you have welcomed a new brother to your life, and you already are in love with him.  Its easy to see.

You are a thoughtful, caring little boy.  You have such a healthy energy, and a desperate thirst for learning.  You love memorizing your Bible Verses, and you ask to do your “school books”.

I can’t believe that you are so old.  I can’t believe that you are carrying on conversations with me and helping Mason play with her toys and asking to hold Henry and trying to fly on Daddy’s shoulders.

I love you so much.  I want to see who you will become.  I want to see you learn to love the Lord and develop a relationship with Him.

You are a wonderful son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend.

Happy Birthday to my little boy.

and yes, i know he needs a hair cut


Becki said...

this is so sweet. i almost burst into tears.

happy birthday cambell. i hope someday to finally meet you!

Jessica Nies said...

Oh my goodness. That totally made me cry! I also loved the photos - I almost forgot just how awesomely photogenic he is. That was awesome. Please tell me you're going to figure out how to keep that for when he gets how cool it is!

Donna Nies said...

Oh my! Made Nana cry...again! He is a wonderful little boy and that's because you and Sam have been such wonderful parents! I'm impressed with you all!