Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mason, my little food nut

Mason, The Eater!

Oh my, does Mason love to eat.  I didn't really plan on giving this little one food at 6 months (she's now 8 months old) instead my plan was to wait a bit longer.  However, just like Campbell, Mason has not been gaining weight in the way that would make my Dr. and WIC happy.  In fact she had lost weight on our last check-up, and then got red flagged at WIC. This is so frustrating for me, because I am well aware of how much she eats- she eats a TON! And she will eat anything I give her.  But at 8 months old, I still doubt that she has topped 13 pounds.  What can you do?  I still think I should be able to bring in pictures of my father and my brother-in law, they are both tall and so skinny, incapable of gaining weight.  Maybe Mason will be happy to have a wonderful metabolism? Or perhaps when she really starts eat dairy will her weight come on (dairy does it for her mama!)

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Ashley Hopper said...

What a beautiful baby!