Friday, May 23, 2008

Yea New Pictures!!!

Nona Comes to Visit!

The first weekend in May,
Sam climbed Mt. Shasta (and
made it to the top) So my mom
graciously came down from Portland
to help me with the 2 little ones.
She was a tremedous help, and Campbell
had such a wonderful time playing with her.
He still asks everyday where she is "Where's Nona"
The two of them became even closer buddies, as Campbell
requested No David! over and over again.
It was a great visit, and we anxiously await her coming down again... hint hint hint.

Campbell, opening his new Airport
from Nona and Pappy

Playing with his new airport.
I think he likes it!

The finished product,
after Nona put it together
all by herself!
What's up?

Such a pretty girl.
Mason and Nona


Now, Nona brought Campbell lots of toys for his birthday, including this crazy yellow bear that would blow bubbles. I was in the other room and could hear Campbell's squeals as Nona's pumped bubbles into his bath. It was hilarious!
Mason, our beautiful growing girl

Campbell, our handsome little man

Campbell likes to grab this
little computer printer
and walk to the front door,
mumbler something about
"keys" and turns to us
and says "okay Bye Dada,
Bye Mamma!
It is the cutest thing ever!

Campbell and Mason

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Serena said...

My goodness, could they be any cuter?

No, of course not, 'cause they're already the cutest ever.