Monday, July 28, 2008

Was my last post really that long ago? I am terrible.

Campbell's response to how long it has been since his Mommy has blogged about how wonderful he is!

Ya, I'm terrible. How can it be that long? Or more importantly, how is it that hard to just go online and quickly upload some photos and type and few colorful comments about how life is going?
Mary sits at the computer, starts searching for pictures. Problem 1, I have terrible photo organization on the computer. The pictures are scattered everywhere, and then I have to check and see what I have already posted. And then see how long it has been, that the last photos posted where in, lets see May, and its July. So I try and find some pictures for June and July, cause yeah, its August on Friday.
So that takes about 10 ish minutes.
Then trying to upload. Comcast is not really that Comcastic for us. So it isn't as fast as we wish it were.
Then I try typing. Most of the time when I go to sit at the computer Campbell decides that is the greatest time for: 1) Book Reading 2) Mess Making 3) Meltdown.
And then there is Mason, who would really prefer it to be wherever anyone is, so it isn't good enough that she is surrounded by toys and playing happily, when she realizes that she is alone- all the fun stops.
And I don't type fast with one hand, and can't read well to Campbell while typing either.
But you know its been long, when your husband offers to update the blog.
So here are some random pictures from the last 2 months ish. I have way more, but I realized I should just try and get something up, for all to see.
What can I do, but try?
Oh, and yes, the word is spreading. I am pregnant. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. At first it was 90% not happy, 10% happy, and now it is evening out a little more. Maybe 50/50. An unplanned pregnancy is a little overwhelming.
Especially after you convince your heart that you are content with 2.
What was God thinking?

Yup, everything Mason finds, goes in her mouth. Everything. She ignores the toys, any tiny little crumb she finds on the floor she decides is the best treat in the world. This has prompted me to realize that we need a vacuum that will actually suck up dirt, not just blow the dirt out onto my legs. Hmmmm... We are gladly taking donations towards this worthy cause- The Team to Prevent Mason from Eating Floor Nasties.

Campbell is really all boy. He loves to play with his trucks and trains and cars. He pushes them around and everything. Wait, I may possibly have already blogged on this. Shoot. Wait, Don't say that (that's what Campbell would say to me) I mean, Oh My.
He is pretty cute with his trucks. His newest obsession though would be his little fishys. Little plastic fishes that he brings around from room to room. He loves them.

Yes, I know there have been more pics of Mason this time, but I am trying to stop the middle child crisis before it starts.

I have been trying to think of what fun story I could share, as it has been so long, and many things have happened.
One story, that I didn't witness, but I think is worth mentioning.
Campbell loves to pray. He reminds me and Sam to pray at every meal. And randomly throughout the day he will want to pray. He is a great reminder to his mother of keeping God constantly on my heart and in every action. Even though I still fail miserably.
While with his Nana (Donna, Sam's mom) he wanted to pray.
Nana: We Thank God for Papa
Campbell: Yes
Nana: We Thank God for Dada
Campbell: Yes
Nana: We Thank God for Mama
Campbell: Yes
Nana: We Thank God for baby Mason
Campbell: uh, No.

He really does love his little sister. He wants to know where she is at all times, and tonight at dinner while he ate his spaghetti and I fed Mason sweet potato, he started laughing at hitting the table. This of course made Mason start laughing, which only made Campbell want to make her laugh more. It was really cute and very funny.

No promises, but I hope to blog again soon.
Also, prayer would be lovely, for this new baby, that it be healthy and a wonderful addition to our growing family.
Also, as our family grows, we have more needs, but the biggest would be that the Lord would provide the perfect affordable house for our family.

Again, no promises. But hopefully not such a long gap!

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Ashley Hopper said...

I wish I could comment on individual pictures, so if
I could I would say that the picture of Mason sticking her tongue out is amazing!!! i miss her like crazy!