Wednesday, February 25, 2009

where or where have we been?

Hello to everyone! Sorry its been a bit of a gap between posts (however, I am doing so much better than before!) its just that life has been busy and mundane (a strange combination I know).  Between the horrid snow and rain, we have been housebound- which really just produces pictures such as these:

And we were gone for two days, visiting Uncle Levi in the hospital (get better soon Uncle Levi, we miss you!) during his surgery.
And... what else, oh my ever growing belly seems to be absolutely weighing me down.  i am fairly exhausted, so besides chasing after running kids, and trying to keep this place, I am spending most of my time doing home-schooling with Campbell and lots of book reading with the kids.
But in just a short while there will be a new face to show on this blog!
Here are just a few selections of what's been going over the last couple of days:

all smiles while she is chasing Daddy around the house
my little bookworm

two bathing buddies
yes, i see that crayon Mason is trying to eat

a little bit drowsy
we actually think she was saying "get me" to Daddy

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