Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mason's "baby"

A couple of months ago Auntie Jess got Henry a tiny little monkey as a gift.  I make a really good effort at keeping gifts intended for Henry in their own little spot, to save them for him.  But somehow this little monkey was left in a tote that was accessible to Campbell and Mason.  And somehow Mason became surprisingly attached to it.  About the same time she started saying "baby" she also started carrying this little monkey around.  She absolutely loves it.  She wants it out of the crib with her in morning, will carry it everywhere, stop what she's doing to pick it up and will sit and pat its back.
It is so so so so sweet.
Thank you Auntie Jessie.

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Jessica Nies said...

Oh geez, that's too cute of a shot with her "baby" and fingers in her mouth! I LOVE that she loves the monkey!