Saturday, February 14, 2009

what Mason did this week

walking around with a new milk cup, grabbing a chance to play with brother's cars when he wasn't looking
pondering life... to play or eat? 
lounging around... on the kitchen floor of all places

chasing after the vacuum
Posted by Picasaand just being super cute (and messy) as usual!

however, in all seriousness, little Mason is working on cutting a second top tooth, and she hasn't been a happy camper.  She's spent the last few days not napping well, and when she's been up in the afternoon she has basically been crying- whether she's being held or night.
but, we love her, she's saying "baby" all the time, walking up to you with her hands held high to pick her up, and still loving chasing after that big brother she adores.

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