Saturday, February 28, 2009

sweet little boy

Campbell's been up to same old things this week.  Reading and playing, reading and playing, and always wanting to stop what he's doing to either look through his school books or his flash cards.  It has been quite difficult to get some fun new pics of him, as every time I try and bring the camera out, he stops what he is doing and run to see the pictures on the camera.
But he will stop what he is doing to give me this smile:

its what he'll do to make me happy when i ask for a picture.  However, its not super natural.  But it is super cute.

I was able to catch this funny face as well:

Campbell likes to request a certain number of pretzels or crackers.  Here he is eating animal crackers (he was given 5).  I got to witness an absolute precious moment from him while he was eating them.  Here he was given a small number of snack and was walking around eating them, and his little sister started following him around, and I watched him reach into his cup and happily and willingly handed her a cookie to eat.  My sweet sharing little boy.

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