Friday, January 9, 2009

One Cute Boy

Oh my sweet son.   When Campbell woke up this morning he kept grabbing mine and Sam's leg.  And know that it is almost midnight I can't remember exactly what he was saying when he grabbed it, but I think it was "I take this leg".  It was really cute.  He is just being so loving.  He is constantly giving me, Sam, and Mason big hugs, telling us that he loves us.
And today he really acknowledge Henry for the first time (Henry who is still in the womb).  We got all 3 of the kids little stuffed animals (one for each of the animal I have picked for them- Campbell is Giraffe, Mason is Elephant, and Henry is Lion).
I have Henry's Lion sitting on the kitchen counter, and this evening when I was getting dinner ready Campbell grabbed the lion and gave it a big hug and said:
"This is for Henry!"
then it was followed with,
"for Campbell?"
but he's getting it...slowly.
Then I told Campbell how lucky he was because he was going to have a brother and a sister.  And I told him that not everyone gets a brother and a sister.
And Sam goes, "well Henry does"

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Jessica Nies said...

I love this picture! It's so cute!