Monday, January 5, 2009

"Lets Take a Break"

Why the title "Let's Take a Break"? Oh, because if you don't know- that's Campbell's new catch phrase.  I have no idea where he learned it.  I am trying to rack my brain of Veggie Tales, Curious George, and Sesame Street to see if any of those shows use the phrase.  I am guessing the culprit could be either Curious George- or our Wii.  After you have played Wii for awhile the screen will tell you that you can take a break by pressing a button. It doesn't say it out loud- you have to read it, so unless Sam or I have been saying it and Campbell has heard it, I don't know how he has picked it up.
But lately when I ask Campbell to either help me with something, eat his food, or well do anything, he responds with "Uh, let's take a break"
Saturday morning, getting him ready to go out to breakfast, I asked him to go get his shoes.  So naturally, he pulls every one's shoes out of the basket in search of his shoes.  I put his shoes on, and then say " Ok, now please go put all the shoes back".
Campbell looks at me.. "uh, Now Take a Break"
"No, Mommy said you need to put the shoes back"
Campbell: "Um, No, now we take a break"
A break from what? Since when did my son's life become so challenging?
And he says it all the time- when I'm doing dishes, he'll come over and say, "Now take a break"
If I'm working on the computer, he'll come up and "now take a break"
Its really cute...
And really annoying.
But I have to make note of it, so that when this little word habit is over, I won't forget it.  And so that in 10 years, I will remember how cute it was, and not how it can make me feel slightly frustrated at times.

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Jessica Nies said...

I love that smile! Say CHEESE! :o). (And, I'd put money on that saying coming from Papa!)