Monday, January 5, 2009

Disappearing Pictures of Campbell

A warning to all- pictures of Campbell may be missing for awhile.  Not because of me- or my constant attempts to take pictures of him, but because Campbell has developed a slightly umm less than cute trait (I realize I use the word annoying a little too much).
When I bring the camera out, Campbell immediately stops whatever he is doing, and runs to the camera to "now see Campbell" on the viewfinder.  Well, this has resulted in 1) all blurry pictures of my son and 2) pictures that only contain part of his body.
He just really wants to see himself on the camera... and I really want to see him on the picture!
I guess I will just have to be a tad more sneaky with him!

1 comment:

Valen said...

Still cute, tho! Did your folks have a good trip to Germany? Carol