Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bed Transition- Finally!

A few days ago Campbell would not go down for a nap.  He was playing and pounding and goofing. Well, he was making more noise then usual.  So I decided to peek in on him.  
Imagine my surprise when I find my son standing on the dresser next to his crib, pulling the baskets off the shelves and throwing things onto the floor.  He looked at me and tried to climb back into the crib.
I just looked at him and said, "Well, we are all done with the crib".
So I got him out, and we took off his sheet and put a new sheet on the crib- Mason's sheet, for Mason's crib.
We then moved all his night night gear into his new big boy bed.
and I decided that we would try everything that night- cold turkey.
Well it went surprisingly well.  Mason was actually the hardest to transition.  She hated the big open space.  After sleeping in a small pack n play for the last year I don't think she understood what a mattress was.
Campbell did pretty well.  He woke up 3 times crying- because he had wiggled himself out of the bed and was one the floor.  But we made it through the night.  And we were kindly given a bed rail from Serena.
So its been 4 nights in the new beds.  And we are all pretty happy about it.  Campbell doesn't try to get out of his bed at all, Mason is still adjusting, but she is doing pretty well.
Tuesday morning, waiting for Mommy, reading a book
Campbell picked up some friends from the floor- including a new pillow.
Who wouldn't want to see this beautiful face first thing in the morning?

Always so happy to see her brother!


Jessica Nies said...

That's sooo awesome that it's working so easily! Congrats! Campbell is sooo big and looks like such a big boy in that bed. And Mason too! What a lovebug. I miss them both so much! (You and Sam too).

Valen and Carol said...

So cute! Wish we could get to know those 2 faces more. Thanks for doing this blog so we can know them from afar!

Ashley Hopper said...

They are both stinkin cute! I would love to wake up to that face any morning. I would be lieing if I didn't say I was jealous.