Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nona time!

At the beginning of October, my mom- Nona (that's not her name, but its Italian for Grandma, and that's what she's is called) my brother Eric, and our family friend Chaz, came to help me for almost a whole week!
it was awesome!
Nona got to take the 3 older kids on special "dates". Mason loved hers so much, she wanted to keep going on them. Helps when you get a toy and a treat, and have someone who will listen to you prattle on and on and on and on....
Mason loves to talk.
All 3 of my happy helpers, worked so hard while they were here, whipping our yard into shape, helping me change where my homeschooling room was (yes, it was just done in September, but I needed it to be somewhere else) and other little projects that I just never have time for.
The kids had a wonderful time with their Nona, and Uncle Eric and Chaz. And are waiting for them to come back.
Mason had such a wonderful time she tried to get in their car and go home with them.
but we kept her here!
Thank you so much for all of your help mom, we miss you!

Eric and Campbell wrestling

Mason apparently telling them how to wrestle.

Mason flat out refused to take a posed picture with Nona.

she was out of there!

Now, Henry is quite the ham, and takes great pictures.

such a sweetie!

love this picture!

hard to believe that Eric and Wilder are closer in age then myself and Eric.

Nona and her newest grandbaby.

can you see the small red glow?

Nope, i still don't want a picture, thanks.

and off for more wrestling!

We love you Nona and Uncle Eric- and next time Chaz, i need some pictures of you and the kids!

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Valen and Carol said...

Thanks for the pictures of your mom and's been a long time since we've seen your folks! She looks great!