Friday, October 15, 2010

fairytale land.

wow, so almost a month ago (is that even possible?) we took the kids on an outing to fairytale land (and then i got to go on my favorite outing- IKEA!). we had been once before, when i was newly pregnant with henry, and had uncle steven and aunt ashley in tow, and sadly it was one of the hottest days in august. campbell had fun, but didn't really know what was going on.
but now the kids love to watch superwhy on pbs (or for us, on our instant play from netflix) so i thought that they would have a bit more fun this time around. and luckly for us, we only had to pay for sam and myself and campbell.
so we headed out, early (for us) and had a wonderful time!
no fear going down the big slide.

i think she wanted to bring this home with her.

more slides.

this girl will seriously do anything.

henry didn't go on all the slides, but he did have fun wandering about.
but here's a smaller slide that he liked.
with daddy's "help"
no seriously, he liked it.
and there is our little boss. she was telling all the other boys proper playground behavior, and instructing everyone on what to do.

all the different themed slides were quite the hit with campbell, although after these pictures were taken he did briefly disappear from us, there is just so many great things to see at fairytale land and he started to wander off.... he was quickly found.
ahhh, trains, always a favorite.

owl's treehouse. there was a group of kindergarten boys racing down this slide, and mason wasn't worried one bit, as the group ran up towards the stairs mason was at their heels "hey boys, do you want to go down the slide with me?"
she's trouble i tell you.
i love baby-wearing.
climbing on the block of cheese.
this cracks me up.
and this warms my heart.
breaking some rules.
so snuggily.
all tuckered out, and ready for lunch.
if you haven't been to fairy-tale land, i think you should go. we had a lot of fun, and will probably try to make it down at least one more time before the summer is over. and yes, i can say summer in the middle of october, as it is still fairly warm here.


Ashley Hopper said...

I loved this blog! I love how bossy Mason is! I wish our visit would have been this was so hot that day!

Brenda said...

Love Fairytale Town...took my kids there when they were little and now my grandkids, too! The Crooked Mile was always a family favorite and Judah is partial to the Old Lady In the Shoe slide...