Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shots from the sick time

the unusual thing about this little-month long- illness that we just had, was that the kids were really only sick between 12 am- 10 am. the rest of the day they were pretty happy.
we tried to keep them calm, but they got pretty restless, as the pictures below will show.

rough housing on the couch with daddy

all 3 ready for nigh nighs.

playing in brother's (pronounced brudder) bed. campbell was having fun, despite the solemn expressions. that, and mason is a total ham!
notice there is no sheet on this bed due to impending sickness.

we are so glad this sickness has passed. i do believe through this month long batch of the never ending flu the Lord has made us both stronger parents and stronger friends.
so in hindsight was it a good thing?
i guess every good thing does come from the Father.

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Becki said...

isn't it funny (and by funny i mean INFURIATING) how when kids are sick they only show symptoms in the middle of the night?!!? i could never get the dr. to believe me in the morning that they really are screaming in pain or throwing up all!

oh, and its pronounced "brudder" in our house too :D