Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a boy and his monkey

Campbell may spend most days playing with his trains, and jumping up and down with Mason, and tearing through book after book. But when it comes down to it, this little guy absolutely loves his George. In addition to his "nigh nigh" and his "momma blanket", George has become the new face of bedtime, and playtime, and reading time, and well- Curious George time.
I love watching Campbell interact with his George.
I also love knowing that this monkey was found on a very fun day after Thanksgiving Day shopping sale- for 5 dollars.
Yup, thank you Kohl's (and Nana).


Becki said...

i still can't believe how big he is! i still have NEVER met him! we should change that...soon.
he is a beautiful boy!

Ashley Hopper said...

I love his George too! What is the momma Blanket, I know his nigh night but the other one is new to me:)

Valen and Carol said...

Dave had a "George" monkey that he slept with, it was his favorite!