Tuesday, September 15, 2009

first day.

our little Campbell started Little Seeds, our church's preschool (and the preschool that Jess, Sam, and Levi went too), 2 weeks ago. my very good friend Krystin is his teacher, and seeing that Nana and Papa are generously paying for him to go, it is a wonderful time for Campbell to play and learn and interact with new people.
I am a little worried that he may be a little bored, the 3 year olds are working on letters and numbers, and for those of you who know Campbell, he is currently working on words.
But I really do believe that having a couple of hours to learn how to follow directions from others is a very good thing for him, especially since he is incredibly type A, it does him a world of good to have time where things don't go exactly how he thinks they should.
Campbell goes tuesdays and thursdays, but I am still home-schooling during the week- he's starting the reading/phonics/language arts curriculum for Kindergarten this week (he just loves learning!)

how is he this big already???


Steve, Karen, and Delaney Dunlap said...

What an exciting time! Oooo, I can't wait to teach my kiddo how to read. Let me know how it goes, ok?

Jessica Nies said...


Glenda Dunham said...

Good for Campbell, Nothing like being the smartest kid in class as well as the most handsome/ I hope it builds his self confidence and not his ego. He will of course do very well and will love it. Great Gran