Wednesday, July 29, 2009

this little boy is so stinkin' cute. unfortunately he has developed a habit of wanting to be held or rocked or laid with to fall asleep. with campbell and mason we didn't tolerate this at all. however, we also had a room to stick them in when they fussed.
well, we don't really have a room for henry. and he is doing more than fussing. he is screaming so loud. so loud that i wonder if people passing on the street are going to call the authorities.
oh well. when i pick him up he gets as angelic as he looks in these pictures, like his looks almost promise that if i don't put him down he will be perfect.
what's a couple of restless, sleepless night? i mean- look how big Campbell already is!


Ashley Hopper said...

I say "who needs sleep when you can look at those beautiful eyes!" I can actually hear him crying from here! Have you thought about sticking him in the closest like mom and dad did with us?:)

Donna Nies said...

He's got your number!

sothisislife said...

I love babies, I remember someone telling me letting them sleep with you even one time is like a drug for them, sometimes though I want to give in, too, I think besides the lack of sleep, the cuddling is addicting. Just caught up on your last few posts. Looking forward to pics and wishing we could go camping, but I think it'll be next year, when Adam thinks everything will be easier...hmmmm.