Thursday, July 23, 2009

4 months.

Can you believe this? How did my baby get so big, so fast?
4 months old. So sad.
But he is just the sweetest baby ever. Laughing and smiling, always watching his brother and sister, and trying to roll all the time.
we just love him.


Ashley Hopper said...

Okay okay Ill find a ticket and come see you guys...I hate seeing them grow up so fast when I have only held him once:) Miss all ,y little babies!

Glenda Dunham said...

It's SO good of you to share these almost daily photos of those sweet babies with us out of towners. Just think Henry will be 6 months old before I see hin. Thanks to you, I could meet little Mason on the street and I am sure I would know her. I can hardly wait Great Gran