Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Reunion

This last weekend we met up with the Nies side of the family at Lake of the Woods (although i believe it could be renamed Lake of the Mosquitoes) for the Nies Family Reunion.
It was awfully warm, and the mosquitoes were flying like madness, and Mason was still a little sick.
But we had a pretty good time!
The car drive up was a little rough, however the drive home went much smoother (both Henry and Mason snoozed for 3 hours straight)
It was really fun watching Campbell run around after "the cousins" and Mason was everyone's sweetheart. I had my best ever game at Settlers (sorry Jess and Sam) and the food was great, great, great (Donna, you still owe me a brie). I had a lot of smores. I love smores.
It was a really great time, and has sprung the camping bug in Sam. We've now planned 3 more camping trips (although we won't be staying in a snazzy cabin for these trips!)
Looking forward to the next reunion, in cooler Fort Bragg.
awesome hair.
Sam was up in the loft (which was the height of Campbell)
the beautiful blue of Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Campbell looking for bugs.
Campbell looking for Mama.
This tree was the perfect photo spot.
Brother and Sister.
Managing chaos.
Happy family... but a non cooperative Campbell
wonder who's idea this was?
the Nies's

you may see more pictures- i didn't upload the one's from the Nikon yet....

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Serena said...

I love the ones of Campbell and Mason on the tree! The one of Paul and Mason is hilarious! And Fort Bragg is a GREAT spot for a family reunion, Crater Lake's blue notwithstanding.