Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April Showers.

I'm many weeks off in posting again, between baby showers, crazy schedules, and an un-fun time with the flu, I am back! And hopefully will post a couple of pictures this week. For those needing their fix!

Campbell truly is the sweetest big brother. Whenever he wakes up from a nap he is always first concerned with "where the's baby?" Every time Mason sees her big brother come running into her lap she gets the biggest smile on her face. In fact, if Mason is crying Campbell can usually get her to stop just by coming over and talking to her. Campbell doesn't show any desire to want to pick her up and hold her, but I bet as soon as she can start crawling around he is going to want her to follow him around- most of the time. He does still enjoy his alone time!

Campbell loves his "cars"Snuggling with Daddy.

14 weeks already...
Campbell loves playing quietly with his animals.
And 15 weeks... isn't she so cute?

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Jessica Nies said...

I so needed the fix!!! THANK YOU, Mary! :0) They are adorable! I am so glad to hear that Campbell is as great as he is with Mason! What a praise. I'm also glad to hear that you're done with the flu. I hope all is going well and you are all back on your feet! Love you!