Sunday, March 6, 2011

lost cause.

2011 (i think)

there seems to be no chance i will "catch" up on old posts. simply because i have no idea where half of my pictures are stored on this computer.
so, these are all recent photos.

seriously, how cute is he?

and seriously, how cute is he???
warning, pictures below will make you hungry.
and angry at me.

but you can't stay angry at that face? can you? and really, you should be angry at my sister. she made those cupcakes. and they were unbelievable. like, i get a sugar rush just thinking about them.
come back, Ash, and make more.
oh my sweetness.
and the face that always makes me smile.


Ashley Hopper said...

Miss my babies and I can't believe how big Wilder is already. Love those cupcakes!!

Valen and Carol said...

As long as you keep posting pictures, I'm happy! Such a sweet family!