Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Happy Birthday Henry

Dear Henry,

2 years. It is pretty hard to believe that you have only been a part of our lives for 2 years, because it feels like so much longer. From the moment you were placed in my arms you have held such a special and dear spot in my heart. I don't know how you did it, but you changed the way I felt about being a mother, in an incredible wonderful way.
You were the most wonderful, calm, sweet baby. We were constantly asked if you ever cried. So happy.

You still are one of the happiest children I have ever found, but there are just so many other adjectives I could use to describe you.

You are curious. You watch how something works and then you go ahead and replicate it. A typical 3rd born you refuse to be left behind. So you are fast on everyone's heels.You are so sweet. A really really sweet little boy. So incredibly intuitive at such a young age. If any of your siblings are crying you are so quick to look for their binky or their "nigh nigh" and you bring it right to them.

Helpful, you are very helpful. And quite the giver. If something is on the coffee table you pride yourself in being the one to want to hand anything to anybody. Whether it be a magazine or a coffee mug full of coffee.

Your favorite things? Your binky, but only used upside down. I can't remember how old you were when you discovered that you could flip it upside down using only your tongue.
Balls. You love to throw anything.

Sand and Dirt. It is fairly ironic to me and your dad that we named you after a copy of Thoreau's On Walden's Pond, because you would rather be outside than pretty much anything else.
Except the iPad. You are fairly addicted to the "bapad" and its embarrassing to admit just how good you are at using it. I can take a little comfort in knowing that once the front door opens you quickly throw the iPad down and try to escape to the outside.

Your baby brother. You have taken a lot of ownership over him. There hasn't been an ounce of jealousy in your little heart, but complete awe and attentiveness to him. If he's awake and around you want to be around him. I cannot wait to see the two of you grow as friends and brothers.

oh Henry. you still don't talk much, but you do sing out my name whenever you want me. you like to play peek a boo, you love to jump, you are always up for a run, and if anyone is on the ground you immediately dog pile all over them.
oh son, i hope and pray that you will continue to grow into the sweet boy that you are and that you grow to be a strong man who seeks the Lord.
i don't exactly have the right words to tell you just how much i love you, how you have changed my life profoundly and how i cannot even imagine this family without you in it.
happy birthday to my little one.


Jana Huntsinger said...

I can't believe Henry is two already! I still remember being in WA state and getting the text that he had been born! I was so excited that I got back in time to get to meet him and see you in the hospital. What a precious boy!

Ashley Hopper said...

He is all those things! Love what a blessing he is!

Serena said...

Just, awwwww. He's such a delight!

Brenda Hodges said...

Beautiful, Mama!