Friday, April 1, 2011


once upon a time, a long time ago....
i became a mom.

what everyone says is completely true, it goes way to fast. because i can look at this pictures and it feels like it was just yesterday that we were a family of 3. i felt prepared for becoming a parent. my youngest brother was born when i was 15, so i didn't feel completely awkward around babies. and the only thing in the world i wanted to be was a wife an mother.
but nothing prepared me for the love. nothing prepared me for the overwhelming, all consuming love that exploded inside of me.
and now, here we are, 5 years later, with a son that i couldn't possibly love more.
and now, 5 years of Campbell Paul.

year 1

first birthday.
first experience in the outdoors.

snuggling with his "nigh nighs"
his first sibling.
his second birthday.

happy, and he knows it.
always ready to pose.

and trains. oh, the trains.

big brother.

Campbell Paul, 5 years. You are strong, the rock during my day. Sometimes the things that come out of your mouth both shock and amaze me. Lately you little mind is consumed with Heaven, and who gets to go to Heaven, and why we aren't in Heaven right now. Many times in your short little life you have come to tell me that God has spoken to you, love for Christ grows in your little heart.
You love your brothers and sister. Love them. You definitely enjoy the alone time that you get, as rare as it can be, but you organize pirate play and diego adventures and train escapades for everyone.
Listening to you read is one of my favorite things, cause you read so so well, and you get so very excited and change your voice and everything.
Trains. You know and love them all. You are attached to the little toys in your life, as your imagination explodes and they become alive in your mind.
You race around outside, and explore everything. You are curious and adventurous.
You are loving and compassionate.
You are wild and crazy.
You are brilliant and funny.
You are dramatic and silly.
You are my little love.
When you came, I became a mother, you made my biggest dream and desire come true. I do not thank God enough for you, because you are my sweet child, and i am so thankful for you.
i love you.
happy birthday my son.


Steve, Karen, Delaney, & Jude Dunlap said...

Jeez, I'm so emotional these days...this totally made me tear up. What a blessed guy that big 5 year old is!

Becki said...

it's amazing how time flies. your's is 5 today, mine is EIGHT tomorrow...wern't we just in high school?!
i hope campbell had a great birthday & you enjoyed the anniversary of your motherhood.

Ashley Hopper said...

In tears not a shocker! What a blessing Campbell has been to all of us!