Wednesday, June 10, 2009


have you heard the word? Campbell LOVES trains.  
He's had these for less than a month? and the fun has not dulled at all. it is all he wants to do. build track, break down track, build track... well, you get the picture.
and he knows all the trains by names.
there is nothing quite as cute as listening to him talk to his trains, and hear his trains "talk" back to him


Becki said...

awww this reminds me of solomon at that age!!! he was all about the trains. as a matter of fact i'm just taking a break from cleaning out the garage right now and i've already come across 3 or 4 different train sets that solomon used to adore. maybe it's moses' turn now.
enjoy these moments!! they fly by.

Valen and Carol said...

My nephew has that train set, when we spent a month with them...I think I enjoyed it as much as he did!! =)