Sunday, June 7, 2009

our last hurrah!

a few weeks before sam headed back to work we decided to take a little vacation, our destination: back to Muir Woods (the first family vacation we took as a family after we had Mason) and to the California Academy of Sciences in San Fransisco (the next blog to come).
we love love love Muir Woods, and had a wonderful time. our hotel was huge and nice ( a separate bedroom, a kitchen to cook, and a huge pool- although Campbell did not like it at all)
and watching Mason and Campbell explore Muir Woods was just amazing.
it didn't hurt that right next to our hotel was REI, and they were having a huge used gear sale- something that we all had fun taking advantage of!

before entering the woods...

beautiful redwoods

mama and henry, and mason

mama and her boys

campbell seeing water

dropping sticks in the water

ahh, the beauty of muir woods

campbell and mason took it upon themselves to be champion stick picker uppers.

campbell and mason lovin' each other

more beautiful redwoods

mama and the kids

one happy family

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