Monday, March 10, 2008

Surviving March (sorry its late)

Its been a great week, we have luckily continued to avoid whatever sickness is out and about. Campbell had a fun week getting to play with his buddies Piper and Fiona.
Mason has continued to get bigger and sweeter. It is just going way way to fast!
She has moved on to smiling big time at her big brother Campbell. Campbell has learned how to put the binky in Mason's mouth just the right way. I enjoy seeing the two of them bonding.
Thursday we head up for Government Camp to visit my side of the family, the first time for Uncle Alex and Uncle Eric to meet baby Mason. And a perfect time for some much needed baby cuddling for all the Uncles and Aunt Ashley, and for Nona and Pappy.
Please pray for safe travels, we leave late Thursday night and will be driving straight through.
I will be posting next Monday, not Sunday, as Sunday night we will be driving 5 home!

Goofing around with Dad

Playing in his box, watching for birds
Mason Marie, wearing the
dress that I was brought home
from in the hospital.

Campbell and his future wife,
sweet Fiona.

Baby Mason- 10 weeks old!

Comfy in Aunt Gaia's arms.


Jessica Nies said...

Oh, MAN! I miss you guys! They are looking soooo cute! And you and Sam look great too! I can't wait to get to see everyone again. I hope you all have a wonderful visit with your family! Drive carefully! Love you!

Donna Nies said...

What beautiful children, and beautiful parents! (and I'm not just biased because I'm the gramma!) A little Sam and a little Mary! Have a great visit up north with lots of hugs and kisses!

Serena said...

Mason looks so BIG in the first and last pictures!!! I really like the pink and yellow outfits on her. Good colors for a redhead! The picture of Fiona's future husband looking out the window is so cute. You just have such adorable children!