Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Trip to the Cabin!

The reason my blogging is so incredibly behind, is because last week Sam and I drove the kids up to Government Camp to see my family. It will be the last time we will all be together (and we were still missing my sister's husband) for 2 years, as my brother Alex has been stationed in Germany. I am hoping and praying that when he comes back he will choose Beal as a base. Its just 20 minutes from our house, and I would love a chance to get closer to him, be closer to him, and pick out a wife for him!
Our trip was successful, only Campbell and Mason and I stayed 3 days longer (YEA!) and we flew back. Yup, me and the kids by myself. However it was fantastic, way better than driving. And we all survived.
We had a wonderful time with my family, and I miss them already. And I can tell that Campbell misses them too, he is looking through the family book I made him (a book of pictures of my family) and looking at their pictures saying their names. We will have to go back soon.
Hopefully I will post more blogs today of life back at home, but time will only tell!
I will work on being consistent with my Sunday night blogging, as the kids are growing so fast and I want all to see what they are up too!

Driving in the car
Campbell, Annie, and Alex,
While I was going through these
pictures, every time Campbell
saw Annie, he shouted:
"Annie Annie" only it sounds like

And then every time he saw Eric,
he said EERIC! (two e's and everything)

Staying warm by the fire,
and is you ask Campbell what
it is, he says: NO, HOT, DANGER
My oldest brother Alex (I'm
the oldest, but he's the oldest brother)
holding little Mason, doesn't he
look sweet? Alex is on his way to
Germany as I type this...
lots of prayers for my brother-
he doesn't speak a word of German.

Pappy and Mason- smiling
at each other. Or Mason is
flirting, which she gets from the Aunt
pictured below!

My sis and Mason,
by the way Ash, when I went
to post pics, I selected the wrong ones
and at first some of those with you
and no makeup came up!

Getting ready for the snow!


He loves it!

My Mom and Dad, snapped by my
brother Alex.

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